I’m a Creative Entrepreneur who’s built a personal brand on my deep-rooted passion for fashion, art and visual media. I’m a strong believer in the power of community and collaboration, and work with brands on both an international and national level to create content that is 100% unique and authentic.

Age : 20

Gender : Male

Race : African

Location : Stellenbosch/Cape Town

Niche : Lifestyle & Music

Instagram : 23 509 followers

Past Campaigns: 

Converse South Africa, JBL South Africa, The Fix South Africa, Bolt South Africa, Bolt Food, Luxuria Lifestyle and Luxuria Magazine, The Hussar Grill, Daniel Wellington, Brahsse Clothing, Huawei South Africa, Superdry (Upcoming), Tom Tom, Herbex Health, Victorias Stag Gin, Howling Owl Gin, Vale Craft Gin, Marshmellow Pop, Rowdy Bags, Chimi Eyewear, Sober Society Clothing, Hello Bril

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