• Desmond Mokoena

The Demise of Advertising Globally Segues in Perfect Opportunity for Trailblazers like Team Saint

We've entered into a new era, an era catalyzed by a new type of Marketing*, a marketing that has been adopted by the new millennial status quo and that is -Marketing that doesn't explicitly sell but strategically circles around the sales function.

A type of marketing that has the ability to outwit the ever advancing Ad blocker industry. One of the things that we can be certain about is that we're all gradually growing in our collective resentment of Advertising more and more and the vitriol that has become the Advertising Industry.

We're growing more and more immune to Pop up ads, click funnels, and our guards are consistently up. This has had a dramatic influence on the Market and even more so on Producers and Service Providers.

When we established Team Saint, we were faced with this reality.

For the Entrepreneur, The question has become: “how do I ensure that my product is seen and consumed by my target market without directly punting it on the people?”

I want you to ask yourselves, How many emails do you get on a daily basis promoting a particular product or service? and;

How many of these emails are lying dormant in your spam folder waiting to be wiped up by the next batch of unopened messages that you know you'll never read?

Or perhaps this would be simpler to contemplate - How many times have you automatically scrolled past a sponsored ad on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Mark Zuckerberg-Book.

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