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Team Saint, Founded in 2019 by A group of South African born millennials Led by Co-Founders Dalton Stoltz(22), Desmond Mokoena(26) and James Gouvias(21), Sainte (PTY) LTD which goes by the Alias Team Saint is arguably the most unique business model in the emerging influencer marketing framework in Africa.

Team Saint creates collaboration between brands and digital influencers. They help brands establish relationships with their audience with the aid of Micro-Influencers on Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, blogs and more.

What is particularly unique about this company is its community centred approach to influencer marketing. Since the emergence and popularity of the concept of Influencer Marketing around 2009, this market has been characterized by selfish ambition which often meant that; “It’s every man for himself”

- there was no pooled or community approach until Team Saint entered the fray.

Over the past 12 months Team Saint has grown exponentially from having signed just 5 influencers to a growing total of 150 influencers across 10 Niches, with a collective/pooled reach of over 2 000 000 followers. (Pooled-Reach being the operative word) They work with and conceptualize campaigns for a variety of brands like; Gary Rom Hair, Victoria Stag Handcrafted Gin, Howling Owl Handcrafted Gin, Marshmallow Pop Cream Liqueur, Six Kings Brand and GAUtv just to mention a few.

The future looks very bright from this ambitious entity, a vision that is given new life daily by the passion of its family of 150 influencers, or as they’ve come to be known “The Saints”.

If you’d like to work with this dynamic company, just take a browse through their website https://www.sainte.co.za/ or follow them on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/team_saint_/

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