COVID Hasn't Stopped International Model Waldo Van Waveren

21-year-old International model Waldo van Waveren who modeled for Laurence Airline the French Designer at Global Citizen 2018 says he is launching his company Lunanovix to the international market during the 2020 COVID pandemic.

Lunanovix specializes in Facebook Chatbots (Automated Interactions) through Facebook messenger to maximize your marketing potential on Facebook. With the Aid of customizable, AI-powered lead generating virtual assistance, Lunanovix provides a unique marketing accelerator solution whose primary objective is to help businesses generate convertible leads.

"When I started Lunanovix in 2019 I was obsessed with what I’ve now coined as “The Marketing Value Gap of Unquantifiable Embellishments," Says Waldo.

There's a gap in the marketing framework that seems to have purposefully scraped away the quantifiable nature with which industry leaders and essential service providers within this framework are expected to deliver quantifiable results. Essentially marketing has become about the creation of catchy content and decorative wording without really focussing on what really matters - LEAD GENERATION.

Lunanovix exists to fill this gap.“My Obsession to fill this ever-growing value gap is the reason why Lunanovix is the most logical option to go within the 21st century” - Waldo Van Waveren, Founder & CEO of Lunanovix.

You can find Lunanovix at

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