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Who is Dalton Stoltz?

Born on January 23rd 1998 in Benoni, South Africa, Dalton Stoltz the social media TikTok star made headlines all over the country for his comedic videos on the famous platform called TikTok.

After moving to Cape Town, South Africa and joining TikTok he soon got verified as a public figure on the platform due to his viral videos accumulating over

50 million views and 2.9 million likes.

Dalton Stoltz

Dalton has worked with brand such as:

Wrangler Jeans South Africa

Sandy B Private Beach Club

Vale Handcrafted Gin

Gau TV on DSTV

And many more...

A quote from Diving Daily Magazine

Dalton: "It’s true, I do have a video with over 10 million views it’s too unreal I still can’t believe that more than10 million people have seen my face. I don’t feel any different if that’s what you asking" 

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